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Education is an investment in our future.  We have a responsibility to prepare students for jobs that will enhance our county. St. Mary’s County is a Technology Corridor, a center for innovation whose impact is not only felt here at home, but on the national level, as well.  We will never achieve our goals until we leverage all local resources. We need to connect our public schools with our local colleges and universities. With prime institutions such as St. Mary’s College of Maryland, the College of Southern Maryland, and University of Maryland, we have the resources we need to enhance job readiness for our students.

Investment in education means giving teachers the resources they need to ensure every student reaches his or her fullest potential. Psychologists, counselors, and other mental health professionals are needed now more than ever. A child cannot learn when emotional needs are left unchecked. Our students deserve improvements in school nutrition and greater access to after-school programs. If we are the home of the Technology Corridor, then it is essential that our students are armed with the best STEM and technology programs we can provide. Every student-- whether at Great Mills High School or Ridge Elementary-- deserves this kind of high quality education. 

Our teachers need the training and continuing education necessary to prepare our kids for a competitive, dynamic economy.  They deserve salaries that reflect the time, creativity, and hard work that goes into their craft.  

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that we simply cannot predict many of the jobs that will exist in the future. But we CAN prepare our students to be critical thinkers. We CAN give our students the skill sets needed to be successful. Creativity, flexibility, and the ability to be forward-thinking-- these are just a few of the components of a successful future in the workplace. Annapolis needs to be a partner, not a barrier, to innovation in the classroom.

Authority: Committee to Elect Brian M. Crosby
Shawn M. Flynn, Treasurer


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